Sterling silver virgin necklace, virgo necklace, star sign necklace, zodiac necklace, horoscope necklace, virgo zodiac necklace, BN16


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LarkKing BN16
Sterling silver virgo necklace, virgin necklace
Virgo charm pendant: rose gold filled sterling silver, with zircon crystal; Virgo, The virgin
Size: 3/4"x7/8"; round square
Chain: 18k white gold filled sterling silver, 18”; unique chain; 4 Square Chain Type see image
Virgo necklace: Virgo charm + 18” unique chain

Quantity Unit: One chain + 1 pendant.

Gift box is included with the order.

Materials: Sterling silver Charm pendant, Rose gold filled sterling silver Charm, Zircon crystal on Charm pendant, Unique chain, White gold filled sterling silver Chain, 4 Square Chain Type see image.

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