Sterling silver heart necklace, love necklace, personalized heart necklace, letter necklace, , PN04


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LarkKing PN04
White gold filled sterling silver initial necklace, custom necklace, personalized heart necklace

Heart pendant: 18k white gold filled sterling silver, with zircon crystal, heart, love
Size: love heart, 1/2"x1/2"

Initial pendant: 18k white gold filled sterling silver with zirconia crystal
Size: initial pendant outer diameter, 1/2”; letter size, 3/16"x3/16";

Chain: 18k white gold filled sterling silver; unique chain; 4-Square chain type, see image above; 18" standard; 16" available.

Quantity unit: 1 chain+ 1 pendant

Gift box is included with the order.


To add sterling silver initial, go to sterling silver initial section. 


Materials: Zircon, Stone, Silver.

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