Sterling silver crab necklace, cancer necklace, zodiac necklace, star sign necklace, horoscope necklace, cancer zodiac necklace, BN32


LarkKing BN32
Sterling silver cancer necklace, crab necklace
Cancer charm pendant: rose gold filled sterling silver, with zircon crystal; Cancer, The crab
Size: 3/4"x7/8"; oval
Chain: white gold / gold / rose gold filled sterling silver; unique chain; 4-Square chain type, see image; multicolored chain; 18".
Three gold filled sterling silver chain: the sterling silver chain was gold-filled every 1” white gold filled / 1” gold filled / 1” rose gold filled.
The chain is different from that of BN10.
Cancer necklace, crab necklace: cancer charm + 18” unique chain

Quantity unit: one chain + one pendant. 

Materials: Sterling silver Charm pendant, Rose gold filled sterling silver Charm, Zircon crystal on Charm pendant, Unique chain, Multicolored Chain, Rose gold filled sterling silver Chain, White gold filled sterling silver Chain, Gold filled sterling silver Chain, 4 Square Chain Type see image.

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